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Sanitizers - Chlorine 3 Inch Tablets

•ClearView 50lb - $129.00
        Our Best Value!!
•ClearView 35lb - $99.00
•ClearView 25lb - $79.00
•ClearView 20lb - $69.00
•ClearView 10lb - $41.60
•ClearView 5lb - $21.48
•ClearView Single Tab - $3.46

Product Information
• 3" Jumbo 8 oz. tabs
•100% trichlor chlorine tablet.
•90% available chlorine.
•Slow dissolving and stabilized.
•For use in erosion-type chlorine tablet feeders. Water flows over the tablets slowly, providing a constant chlorine feed rate. With proper chlorine residual one tablet treats 8,000 gallons every 7-14 days.

Shock/Oxidizers - Pool Shock (Calcium Hypochlorite 68%)

•ClearView Insta-Chlor
1lb Bag - $4.76
•ClearView Insta-Chlor
25lb Bucket - $99.99
•ClearView Insta-Chlor
100lb Drum - $299.98

Product Information
•Chlorinate & clarify
•68% Calcium hypochlorite
•Multifunctional Formula: shocks, clarifies and oxidizes
•Can be used with vinyl and plaster pools
•Keeps water clean and sparkling
•No measuring or mixing
•Removes chloramines and other water soluble compounds from pool water
•Kills bacteria
•Super chlorinates

Shock/Oxidizers - Shimmer N Shock (Sodium Dichlor/Stabilized 99%)

•ClearView Shimmer N Shock
1lb Bag - $5.99
•ClearView Shimmer N Shock
5lb Tub - $34.99
•ClearView Shimmer N Shock
50lb Bucket - $187.50

Product Information
•Super Strength Dichlor Pool Shock
•99% Sodium Dichlor
•10oz Super-Chlorinates 10,000 gallons
•Used for regular weekly shock maintenance and to remove algae, bacteria, and organic waste

Shock/Oxidizers - (Non-Chlorine/Potassium)

•ClearView Chlor-Free Shock 1lb Bag - $5.99

Product Information
•Non-Chlorine Oxidizer
•Restores sparkle and clarity to dull water
•pH buffered so it does not affect pH level
•Eliminates organic materials that cause odors, skin and eye irritation

Balancers - Total Alkalinity

•ClearView Total Alkalinity 5lb - $11.99
•ClearView Total Alkalinity 10lb - $16.99
•ClearView Total Alkalinity 20lb - $39.99

Product Information
•Active ingredient - sodium hydrogen carbonate
•Effectively raises total alkalinity
•Prevents pH "bounce"
•Protects surfaces from staining or deterioration

Balancers - pH Plus

•ClearView pH Up 5lb - $9.85

Product Information
•Raises pH
•For all pool types
•Convenient granular form
•Easy to use (no mixing required)
•Increases chlorine efficiency
•% Active ingredient
•Protects pool equipment and surfaces
•Reduces maintenance costs

Balancers - pH Minus

•HASA Muriatic Acid pH Down 1gal - $7.87

Product Information
•31.45% HydroChloric Acid
•Cost effective
•Lowers pH quickly and efficiently
•For use in all pool types
•Easy to use (no mixing required)
•Increases chlorine efficiency

Balancers - Calcium Hardness

•Sun Hardness Treatment 5lb - $10.32

Product Information
•Calcium Hardness
•Granular form
•Raises Calcium level of water
•For use in all pool types
•Easy to use (no mixing required)

Stabilizer - Cyanuric Acid

•ClearView Primo Powder 4lb - $14.86

Product Information
•Isocyanuric Acid 99%
•Pool water stabilizer and conditioner
•Prevents ultraviolet rays from breaking down chlorine molecules
•Improves the effectiveness of chlorine
•Extends chlorine life and saves money
•Extends chlorine generator cell life by reducing run times