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Jolly Rancher Shot
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▻ 1 ounce green apple vodka
▻ 1 ounce peach schnapps
▻ 4 ounces cranberry juice
▻ Orange wedge for garnish

▻Pour the vodka and schnapps into a highball glass filled with ice.
▻Top with cranberry juice.
▻Garnish with an orange wedge.

Watermelon Martini
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▻ 1/4 cup sugar
▻ 1/4 cup kosher salt
▻ 6 oz fresh watermelon juice
(cut watermelon and strain it through a metal strainer)
▻ 2 & 1/2 oz good vodka
▻ 2 & 1/2 oz Limoncello or orange liqueur
▻ 1 oz fresh lime juice
▻ Ice
▻ Watermelon wedges for garnish

▻Chill 2-3 glasses in your fridge or freezer 10 minutes before making the cocktail.
▻Combine the sugar and salt and spread it on a flat plate. Dampen the rim of your glass with water or lime juice and dip it in the sugar/salt mixture.
▻Combine the watermelon juice, vodka, liqueur and lime juice in a cocktail shaker. Fill the shaker with ice and shake vigorously for 6-8 times.
▻Strain and pour the mixture into the prepared glasses and garnish with a watermelon wedge.

Insane Pina Colada!
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▻ 1 16ozcan of Zero Ultra
Monster Energy Drink
White can
▻ Parrot Bay Coconut Rum

▻Fill glass with ice.
▻Mix Monster and Rum, 2 parts Monster to 1 part Rum
▻Enjoy, yes its that good!

Crystal Clear Kamikaze Shot
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▻ 750ml Absolute Vodka
▻ 1 Bottle of Sweet and Sour Mix
▻ 1 Small Bottle Roses Lime
▻ 1 2L Bottle Sprite

▻In a large pitcher add in the follow proportions:

▻ 1/3 of the pitcher with Absolute Vodka, 1/3 Sweet and Sour Mix, 1/8 of the small bottle of Roses Lime. Fill the rest of the pitcher with Sprite.

▻ Fill the glass of your choice with ice to the top, pour the shot over it.

▻Warning!! This is a SHOT, not a drink, consume with care!

Strawberry Lemonade
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▻ 1/2 lb strawberries (1 1/2 cups)
trimmed and halved
▻ 1 1/2 cups fresh lemon juice
▻ 1 to 1 1/2 cups sugar
▻ 3 cups cold water

▻ Purée strawberries with 2 tablespoons lemon juice in a blender until smooth, then force through a fine sieve into a bowl to remove seeds.

▻ Stir together strawberry purée, remaining lemon juice, 1 cup sugar, and water in a large pitcher until sugar is dissolved.

▻ Taste and add more sugar if desired. Serve over ice.

*Please consume alcoholic beverages wisely. These are for adults only of legal drinking age. Crystal Clear Pools assumes no responsibility for any of your choices you make while consuming any of our drink recommendations. We are not responsible for hangovers, inebriation, falls, slips, beer pong losses, hold my beer moments, pore life choices, accidental nudity and/or clothing loss, and/or unplanned pregnancies of either party and/or parties! Drink Responsibly and we truly beg you... DONT DRINK AND DRIVE!